What about advance payments' or installments? How will the be paid and in which sequen?ce

Some payments are required in advance whilst some are required in the form of instalments on a quarterly basis. These payments will be paid through the following means:

  • PayPal Deposit (PayPal account address here)

Money Refund Policy?

We make both partial and full refunds. If you cancel an order within 24 hours of its placement.
Only the tax charges will be deducted, giving you a full refund. In case of a cancellation of any
order if it’s halfway complete than you will receive 60% of your payment back. If you had
already approved our samples and received your full order. No will not receive any refund.

How can we do payment transfer for any startup package?

The payment is done altogether. A person can ask for monthly installments but the payment should be fully advanced.

Is there a money refund policy?

Indeed there is. One that guarantees, you’re in safe hands. If the work we provide isn’t as you said, we’ll return your sum with a necessary tax deduction and you’ll have your money back.

How will one pay for large sum like starter packages or custom elite packages

With larger payments to pay you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Complete Payment in one go.
  • Quarterly Advance Installments on Work-Done as per Month Basis.

The methods by which you could pay are as follows:

  • PayPal Deposit (PayPal account address here)
  • CASH App (CASH ID here)
  • Direct transfer through Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, 1 OneLink)

Do you directly upload content to a client website/blog

We normally do not. But, if a client exclusively requests for us to do so, we create a separate package and do a complete audit of your website before doing it.

What is the outline of the safety assurance and the security that you'll provide with the contract

We will provide you with full security and even make a contract panel where authorized signatures will be recorded sealing the deal. If you change your mind and withdraw, according to the contract, a necessary amount of tax and service fee will be deducted and the rest will be returned as per our return policy.

Additional reversion cost & payment ?

It will be discussed with the client in PMB (Project Message Board) prior to doing it.

Advance payment/ installment system?

For a smooth sailing process, all our payments are in advance. If you choose any of our
packages, you will have to make the payments in advance. But, if you are choosing one of our
more significant packages, you will have the option of installments. You will pay for each instalment at the beginning of each month in advance. To avail of this offer, you will have to fill a form for
more information on this contact our team.

What are the payment options?

Right now Paypal is our main mode of payment but we are soon introducing payoneer.

How does the refund amount vary?

The refund amount varies according to the reason the refund is being generated. If we didn’t deliver as promised, we would return your payment with the following respective deductions:

  • 10% deduction of fee charges for Junior Packages.
  • 13% deduction of fee charges for Sophomore Packages.
  • 19% deduction of fee charges for Startup Packages.

What payment option are available?

The following are available:

  • Bank Transfer (Account detail here)
  • Wire Transfer (Wire Transfer Account detail here)
  • Payoneer Deposit (Payoneer account address here)
  • PayPal Deposit (PayPal account address here)
  • Western Union (Account detail here)
  • Skrill (Account detail here)
  • CASH App (CASH ID here)
  • Direct transfer through Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, 1 OneLink)

What will good a long-term subscription do ?

For long term packages, we’ll provide you with 5%-10% discount coupons monthly and even give you 7-8 of your favourite infographics for free.

Startup package payment transfer?

All payments transfers will be done by Paypal. If you cannot make a full payment altogether. We
have the solution for you. You can opt for paying for your package in easy instalments. By
paying monthly instalments in advance, you can avail our bigger package.

How many Revision will be include in package? Will extra reversion be charged for ?

Yes, extra revisions will be charged 20$-50$ respectively depending upon the word count varying from 300-900 words. For 300-900 words 25$ and for 500-900 words 50$ will be charged.

What are the term for exclusive infographic change made additionally?

If you require HQ standard infographics, then we’ll charge 10-15 USD per design post. But, if the standard quality is required, we’ll charge 7-8 USD per design post.

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