How to write the best blog posts which boost website ranking?

No doubt, you can write the best blog posts, but unless they are not ranking, no one is going to know about them. The content on your website plays a vital role in ranking it on the search engines. Without properly optimized content, organic traffic is difficult to generate.

Search engines like Google, Opera, Mozilla, etc. demand some specific SEO rules to be followed when creating website content. On these principles, search engines check the websites and then rank them accordingly.

Writing tips for best blog posts

To boost your website’s ranking, here are some writing tips for creating an SEO optimized content.

Find relevant keywords

Search engine crawlers do not read the whole content and then rank it. It looks for the relevant keywords. Before you begin to write a blog post, do thorough keyword research. Pick out the right keywords that you think will blend in the content. Also, make sure that the keywords you use have good search results. There are online free and paid tools that provide you with the relevant keyword of your blog niche. The more keywords you utilize in your writing, the more it can come in the search result.

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Use keywords in your content wisely

This is one of the most important writing tips for best blog posts. 50% of efforts depends on the keyword usage. Multiple keywords can be used at a time with a density of a maximum of 2% for each. This means you can use as many keywords as you want, but you need to avoid over-usage. It will cause keyword stuffing, and it is not healthy for the website. Also, use the keyword to create good blog titles.

Keep the readability good

With SEO optimization, good readability is also an essential factor. It makes the content attractive and easy to read. Do not keep going with consecutive lengthy sentences, big paragraphs, and difficult vocabulary. Make it presentable and catchy. Add heading, subheadings, and bullet points, write short paragraphs with adequate flow. Don’t forget to create engaging good blog titles and try to use minimum passive voice. Instead, deliver your speech in an active voice with a respectful tone.

Use images and optimize them

To make the content presentable and the context clear, use good quality images and optimize them as well. Search engines don’t “see” images but read them through the text. Every time you are posting an image, add alt text to it using relevant keywords.

Satisfy your readers

Readers take an interest in the content that is relatable, interesting, and problem-solving. Once a reader finds your content useful, the chances are that your content will likely be shared with others. This way, people start to visit your website, and Google will note that this particular site has definitely got something that makes people visit it.

And what else it demands? A well written, well-optimized content that is gaining the attraction of people can easily get ranked.

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